cropped-moment-of-departure-cover.jpgMoment of Departure

Moment of Departure, Kathy Roberson’s collection of poems, relays a series of profound moments from her family’s twenty-one-year journey raising Katie, an adoptive daughter with special needs.

In addition to issues surrounding adoption in general, and transracial adoption in particular, Roberson’s poetry captures, with a quiet but compelling honesty, the range of emotions—from sorrow and fear to tenderness and joy—of raising a child with disabilities. Ultimately, it is the fierce, unwavering love for Katie that threads the book together, weaving individual poems into a powerful and unforgettable whole.

This book will deeply resonate with parents, disability and adoption professionals, and anyone who has known both the daily challenges and unexpected gifts that come with living the role of “caregiver.”

Moment of Departure is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Thoughts While Braiding coverThoughts While Braiding My Daughter’s Hair

Kathy’s first collection of poems was published in 1996 by friends who were eager to get her poems out and into the hands of readers. The title poem received honorable mention for the 1995 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award (Passaic County Community College). To obtain a copy, email Kathy at


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